Hey guys!

Quick question! I know that this question is probably applicable to guitars as well, but since I'm playing bass I decided to post it here...

I've recently joined a band and we are starting to gig at different venues. I've only been playing at home up until I joined the band so the rig that I'm using now is my first gig-ready proper rig that consists of:

MarkBASS 104HF - 4
Ibanez SR5000E (I think...except mine does not have golden hardware)

It's not mine but I will probably buy it off the guy that I'm borrowing it off at the moment...

So right now I've got completely clean sound and I wouldn't mind some OD/distortion. A few people recommended to use TECH 21 SansAmp Bass Driver DI. In my understanding this is a preamp and if I use it with my current gear I will need to bypass the preamp in my AMPEG head...

My question basically is that:
Is it worth buying expensive head and then pay extra money to use external preamp with it?

In my understanding preamp is the part of the head that is responsible for the way it sounds (I might be wrong)...

Please let me know what your thoughts on this are !

Also if you have some pedals to recommend for that kind of sound please let me know ! Our style at the moment is very similar to August Burns Red!

Rock on!
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I'd try out the external pre-amp and make sure you appreciate the differences before you buy it. I mean, both preamps are probably great, but the sound is really all subjective. If all you can hear is money spent, then I'd stick with the good old ampeg's internal pre.
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Isn't the Sansamp modeled to sound like an Ampeg? If this is true, there would be no point to buying it as you're gonna be bypassing a true Ampeg tone for another Ampeg tone.
You would not have to bypass your amp. You can either front-load the Bass D.I. or put in in the effects loop if you just want to run it as an overdrive. Then adjust your amplifier's gain, volume and EQ accordingly to get the sound you want.

You might be better off with a straight bass distortion box (though I honestly doubt it). Check out the Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi for bass or (if you can find it) the EBS Metal Driver pedal.
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Thanks for the advices guys! I'll definitely go to the store to compare the sound of the amp to the pedal!!!