Heyy, I recently posted about getting an amp and a head, and being able to run my head through my combo amp. WELL.. I managed to run into a small bargain, so i've ended up with a Marshall 1960B cab along with my Peavey Valveking 100 head, and they sound SWEET.

Here's a cheeky pic if anyone wants to take a look.

ANYWAY, down to the point.
I realised with my previous amp, all I did was run effects through the clean channel constantly, and i've never really appreciated the power of an amp on it's own. This amp is an absolute beast, and I thought yeahh if I run my GE - 7 (BOSS Equalizer) and my NS-2 (Noise Suppressor) through it, it would boost my sound even more and make it even better, but actually, when I hooked them up, I got an odd like fuzz under my tone, it's hard to describe but.. The pedals basically took away parts of my tone. Do pedals generally do this and I just haven't noticed? Or am i hooking them up wrong? I'm playing them through the input, so it's outside the amp and not in an effects loop.

Anyone help?
equalisers and noise gates generally go in the fx loop.
Pedals can take a way a wee bit of tone if you use too many but the problem i think here is you need to run these in the loop.
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Use those pedals in the FX loop, and run the NS-2 in the X Connection. That pedal does practically no good in front of the amp.
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