Looking to buy another amp so my bands other guitar player can use it instead of my old b52 at100. Interested in Mesa's, peavey 6505+/5150II, ENGL, Soldano, etc. Would like an orange 4x12 cab too if anyone has one. I'll pay cash for something, or I have gear I can trade, or trade plus cash from me. I look on craigslist everyday and haven't found anything yet so thought I'd post here. I'm from Michigan, would meet up to buy or pay for shipping if it's out of state. Let me know what you have!
ESP/ltd EC-1000 snow white
ESP/ltd MH-1000NT See Through Blue
Peavey 6505+
Mesa traditional 4x12 (x pattern 2 v30's and 2 g12h30's)
ISP decimator/Tc Electronics Polytune/Ts9 Tubescreamer

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I have a Peavey JSX. location is missouri though

stuff i'm interested in besides cash:
-Line6 HD500
-Mesa 50/50 Poweramp
-good 2x12 speaker cab