Hey everyone. I've just started putting together my profile and uploading a song so while that waits I've come down to say hi. The piece I've uploaded is nothing special, quite the opposite. As I stated in the description it's just me ripping off John Cage. It doesn't help when my methods of recording are whatever I have lying around so catching the sound and after the conversion process, it's distorted it with these weird sounds of someone choking.

My main instrument is bass guitar which was used for that piece. Don't worry, my playing isn't that bad. I can play riffs from smells like teen spirit to killing in the name. What could loosely see as influences are the likes of Jah Wobble from PIL (public image limited) and Al Jourgensen when he said he plays everything and nothing. It's mostly rooted in the punk mentality with doing things differently. Sure it might be an excuse to sound like shit but for me it's better then the usual rules of "you can only do that music this way" basically you're eating the same meal everyday.

I'm not one for guitars. I tired playing it once but it bewildered me a little. I just feel it's too overused and compared to a bass, it's just icing on a cake while the rhythem is the main essence.
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Hello everybody!!
I'm newbie on. I am the student of A-Level. My hobbies are computer using and internet surffing. Many more thing I found here, which are attractive thats why I join this forum. have a nice day guys.
Hope Its a good journey with you.