hi guys,

im planning on buying a fender mexican strat and replacing the pickups.

i want a tone like John Frusciantes tone (i know he uses lots of pedals but the pickups are always the starting point). what pups would you recommend for his tone?

im open to any other pickup suggestions but please no lace sensor pups or fender texas special pups and i dont play country nor can i stand it so nothing for that either. i play blues, blues rock, alt rock, funk rock and SOME hard rock. please give me suggestions.
if you know any pups that would give me a tone similar to frusciante's tone that would be great! if you dont know any then pups with a similar tone to an american standard would be great.

my budget is $200 for a set of three but even thats pushing it so nothing more. im only willing to go new, no used pups.

ive been looking at the fender samarium cobalt and fender custom shop 69 pickups. would this suit the tone im looking for? what would you suggest. thanks!
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there is a pickup thread stickied at the top of the gb+c. use that please.

how will that answer my question about frusciante tone though? its a great thread but there are some things that it just cant answer