Hey all,

Sorry if you've been asked this a thousand times but I figured it's time to upgrade my amp from the free one I got with my guitar.

Would you recommend a combo amp such as a Line 6 Spider with all the presets or a Marshall MG, or would I get a better sound from a Head/Cab. If so what do you recommend?

My budget is around £400. I play mainly in my room at the moment so I don't need a mass amount of wattage. I play rock music mainly such as Guns N' Roses and AC/DC as well as some Blues.

Hopefully I've given you guys enough information,
Many thanks.
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skip both of them, if you want a modeling amp get a Fender Vibro Champ XD or a Vox VT
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could you go used? i definitely think you should skip the head and cab, for that kinda price and a second amp, there wont be much good for you. get a nice combo, just look about sites like thomann
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Seriously, for that price you could go tube.

Look into a Jet City JCA20h or22h and a JCA12s or 24s. Or JCA2112c if you want it in combo form. That will do what you need perfectly

There really is no tone difference between a combo and head/cab version of the same amp (assuming the speaker setup is the same), though with a head/cab you can split up the load when you want to transport it.

Also, the Marshall MG and Line 6 Spider are two of the worst you can get for the money.
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