Whats up guys? Its been a looonnnggg time since ive been on here. I had a question or two about Marshall half stacks. I dont play hardly ever the past few years and i want to start getting back into it. I figured a nice gift to myself would encourage that. Ive wanted a Marshall half stack forever and am looking at a used JCM2000 DSL100 with a 1960A cabinet for $1300 on craigslist. So now, the questions:

1. Is this a good choice, or would another Marshall suit me? (JCM800, 900, etc?) I like to play heavy stuff a lot (metallica type stuff) but also like a nice crunchy tone and once in awhile a good clean tone. Right now my setup is as follows:
-ibanez s470dxqm w/ emg 81 and 85 pickups
-gibson les paul standard
-crate 50 watt solid state amp (cant recall the model but its gfx50tt i believe)
-boss gt6 multieffects pedal

Usually i run the gt6 through my crate and can create almost any tone i need. My plan with the marshall is to use the pedal on the clean channel but also at times play with the guitar plugged straight into the amp for that signature Marshall distortion and the nice clean tone they offer. Would this amp suit my music style and current setup well? Or would something else work?

2. I know the answer will always be yes, but will a marshall half stack really be overkill for a house in a small bedroom? I own my own home not worried about roommates because i dont have any or neighbors because i dont like them. I can and will turn the amp up at times. Not afraid of that.

3. I like my current setup its just always been a dream to own a marshall tube driven half stack. Will a marshall really be that big of an improvement over my crate and the gt6 or will i be disappointed?

4. Is $1300 for a dsl100 and 1960A cabinet a good deal or should i talk him down?

5. Whats a mode four? Theres one on craigslist for $950 with a 1960A cab and wanted to know if this would be a better option for me? Are they tube? Not interested in solid state. Sorry just dont know anything about them.

This is a big purchase. Just like my guitars ill keep it till i die. Id like to do it once and do it right. Any advice here?
1.)Should do you just fine, though you will probably need a Graphic EQ for modern Metallica.

2.)Nope, as long as you use the volume knob like what it's designed for. You'll be okay.

3.)It will be an improvement, but is it required that you have a Marshall?

4.)Pretty good deal, but I would try to talk him down for the hell of it.

5.)What's a Mode 4? A piece of shit. I like the Mode 4 cabs, though.
I really would prefer a marshall...its a weird subject but ive always had a thing for marshall. My dad always talked them up. He used to play way back in the day and he passed away last year so im more or less buying for the name and reputation and out of respect for my dads opinion of them. Poor reason i know
^^I don't think that's a bad reason to buy a Marshall. The tube Marshalls have a distinctive tone; and there's a reason they're so popular with professional musicians.

I used to own a Valvestate 65R and sometimes I miss the tone that thing put out, and it wasn't even a full-tube Marshall. That's not to say other companies don't put out some damn nice amps - I really love the brutality my Peavey can put out.

As far as the half-stack factor goes, hell yes, it's overkill. But having 4 12's blazing away means you've got a fuller bottom end. It's cool when you can actually feel your amp pushing you away as you play. Just don't run it that loud all the time or you'll go deaf in a hurry.
Awesome...thanks for the advice. I think im gonna go for it. Couple more questions though. I know nothing abot tube amps..or very little anyway. What are some things i need to look out for when i go check his amp out? Anything i need to be wary of or should ask him as a test?

And lasly, this may be premature, but whats the best way to hook up and set up my gt6 to this amp? Basically, i want to skip the amp modeling on the gt6 and just use it for the effects and maybe the distortion modeling. I dont want any amp modeling or anything else taking away from the tone of the marshall. I just need to know the best way to set it up while getting the best sound out of my amp? Ive read about the 4 cable method but until today never heard of it. Is this the route i wanna take
4 cable method is not what you want... If it's the Marshall's amp tone + the stomp style fx on the GT that you're after, either run it thru the fx loop or just put in front of your amp like any other stomp. Tends to be case-by-case, try both and do what sounds better.
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Half stacks sound awesome but they are a MASSIVE pain in the arse. Getting one around is hard work
That amp will do exactly what you want, tonewise. It's one of the very few Marshalls that I actually like.

But try to find a DSL50 head instead. You'll get breakup a little sooner, which is always good, and it won't be as loud, as little difference as it makes.

EDIT: Yes, 4 cable method is what you want. You should be able to turn off all the modeling, and program the routing (which effects go in front of or in the loop of the amp) in the pedal itself.
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I'd recommend a Mesa of you are just in Metallica. But as for Marshall, a half stack is a pain in the ass, not just neighbors but you can lottery make the wall chips fall down. Mode 4 cabs are not that bad, but for a 412 I recommend an av, not an a. Te speakers sound slightly better.
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Quote by omidmash
I'd recommend a Mesa of you are just in Metallica. But as for Marshall, a half stack is a pain in the ass, not just neighbors but you can lottery make the wall chips fall down. Mode 4 cabs are not that bad, but for a 412 I recommend an av, not an a. Te speakers sound slightly better.
He said Metallica-type stuff, assuming that means old-school thrash, therefore something British voiced would do the job.

Also, amps have volume knobs, and it's not like they're glued into place at "11" like everyone here on UG seems to think. My 100w tube stack can operate fine at bedroom levels, and still sounds great. A 100w halfstack isn't going to make a huge difference over a 100w or even a 50w 2x12 combo in terms of bothering neighbors. Of course they are more likely to flip their shit if they see a halfstack over a small combo, because it "looks" 10x louder.
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Much appreciated advice here but does anyone know what to look for when i check out a used tube amp and what to be wary of? Any questions i should ask the owner?
make sure the FX loop is working( take a pedal and a couple cables). Check all knobs for scratching sounds when you turn them. switch chs with the foot switch to make sure there is no poping/late switching
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^ nice i wasnt even thinking about stuff like that but ill do all that. I think im gonna pick it up next weekend