Around April or so I bought a Bugera 333-212 from Thomann, it kept breaking and they replaced it twice but neither worked properly. After I'd finally sent it back I said "I don't want another amp just give me my money back," long story short I now have €444 (so about £370 I think) in my Thomann account.

I need an amp, either a combo or head (I can sort out some speakers easily enough) in the 50W-100W range for doing gigs, but obviously it makes more sense to buy second hand, given the budget I'm on (up to about £500, maybe a teensy bit over that). I play metal and am kind of looking for a BFMV/KSE kind of tone.

So does anybody know either a) any absolute bargains I could get brand new off thomann, or, more likely

b) something I could buy brand new from Thomann and should be able to sell at more or less brand new price on ebay or whatever in order to get my cash back? I'm a tad worried that I'll lose a fair bit of money since as soon as I've owned it it's kind of second-hand.

Forget about b).

As for a), they usually have the Traynor YCV50B in stock for a great price, so look that up. It's more of a rock than a metal amp, but with a boost up front it shouldbe fine for metal.
OK cheers

I know the OP is a bit of a wall of text, I play metal (Metallica, Lamb of God, Megadeth sort of stuff) but I'd quite like a kind of Bullet for my Valentine/Killswitch Engage sort of tone. Decent cleans wouldn't hurt but aren't a gamebreaker
Those are tones that have been created with modern hi-gain amps and a lot of studio production. You'd ideally want a modern sounding amp for that, and in that price range, that's either a Bugera or a modeller - the Peavey Vypyr Tube 60/120 comes to mind, but I don't have any first-hand experience with those, so I don't know how they compare to other amps.

The Peavey 6505+ 112 combo might also be an option, but I think it's a tiny bit dearer? Dunno exactly.

The third option would be getting a slightly tamer amp (like the Traynor) and boosting it to reach the desired gain-levels. With the Traynor, you'd at least have a proper speaker instead of the junk they put in Bugeras. With this, you'd have a good amp that isn't geared exactly to your needs, while with the other ideas, you'd have amps made for what you want to do, but they're not really as good. See the dilemma?
if you asked for your money back, why did they give you credit instead?

i'd get back to them and tell them to give me a proper refund. It's the consumer's choice, not the retailer's. As far as i'm aware.
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