I'm building a neck through 7 string guitar (27 frets)
it has a mahogany body with a 3 piece neck maple, mahogany, maple.
I want my guitar to have a clean jazz sound on one pickup
and on the other one a pickup that will work well with lead metal\shreds sounds.
the thing is... I don't always go along with active pickups so i thought of having passive
ones instead, atleast with the jazz sounds. but i heard that a low B + passive pickup will sound bad... what would you recommend? is there a good passive for 7 string
if not what pickup would you recommend me?
with thanks.. MR. Dubin
a lot of people like the dimarzio x2n7 for metal or a dactivator 7, as for a jazz sound you'll need a DM blaze single coil - a humbucker in that slot - considering a 27 fretter - will not be warm enough for jazz, you need to put a single coil right up against the end of the fretboard.
Quote by GS LEAD 5
It will sound bad it its a bad ppickup.

Good passives for ERG's- DiMarzio Crunchlab, Breed. BKP Aftermath, Lundgren M7.

yh if you want to really go for it some BKP painkillers/aftermaths would slay in that guitar
Painkillers are great for mahogony. As for the jazz, id say get something with a coil tap and ever so slighty hot. really depends on if youll have an independent volume knob for the neck pup.