I like the 4 mini rectifer modes, but the footswitch allows to use only 2 presets: clean (modes:Clean/pushed) or distorted (modes:Modern/Vintage). Would it be possible to rewire the front mode switches as two separate footswitch jacks for convenient live use?

I never saw someone on another forum who thought of this, and wondered if it would be a great idea or would just be inapropriate due to volume drop between modes in the same channel, or it would induce too much noise in the sound.

Maybe some of the recent mini owners already opened it and took photos of the inside, or even did this mod?

Hope to get news soon, cause this might affect my decision on my next amp purchase.

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I did this to a Lonestar special, had the mini but sold it, but while i had it i always wondered the same, but i never did it because i was unsure if it was the same principal as the lonestar.

Best bet is to take it to a amp tech.

EDIT: Hahahaha just looked at the date of the first post!!! sorry for necro posting!