getting rid of some pedals i no longer use. UK only unless you want to pay more postage. offers welcome. if you need pics then hit me up.

BBE Free Fuzz Pedal - £45 posted
excellent condition.

MXR-M108 1- Band EQ pedal. - £55
excellent condition. comes with box and power supply.

Vox V847 Wah Pedal - £40
Good condition, some scratches and dents on bottom plate. feet attached. vox bag included.

ill also sell a Visual Sound 1 Spot power supply for £5 to anyone who buys a pedal or £8 to anyone else.

And i have an epi les paul for sale here. local to leeds only tho. Guitar for sale here

id also sell a Fender Twin amp. Perfect condition, barely used and 1 year old for £750 but not exactly desperate so not looking for anything less than that. Its bloody amazing but id just rather have something smaller, lighter and not as loud.
* i call the MXR EQ pedal and the wah.
Belief is a beautiful armour but makes for the heaviest sword.
still got the BBE Free Fuzz pedal. make me an offer i cant refuse.

and still selling an epi les paul, but local only. to west yorks uk.

and if anyone is interested, a perfect condition fender twin amp but only for a good price.