So, I am debating on whether or not I should buy a 7 string guitar.

I am on a price range of $1000 Max.

The two guitars I am considering are:
Schecter Blackjack ATX C-7
Ibanez RGD7321

I am thinking that if I get either of these, I will probably change out the pickups because I have a ESP LTD EC-1000, and I am not much for the active EMGs on it.

Pickups I am considering: DiMarzio Crunch Lab and Liquifire. I have always liked the sound of them.

What are you fellas recommendations?

P.S. - I am kind of a Djent fanatic, but I am also looking to utilize for my clean styles as well.

I would like to know what makes what makes your recommendation for a guitar better than another guitar (neck, woods, shape, pickups, etc.)
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Since you're in the States you might want to check into Agile. Internationally you'd get killed by customs and shipping making them no cheaper than other brands, but in America you can get a pretty decent guitar for a good bit less than other companies. They've got a custom order form for an $800 guitar, but you wouldn't get it 'till June. Their other fixed bridge neck through are the Septor Pro and Septor Elite, the first having a TOM and EMG copies, and the second with a Hipshot flatmount and EMG 707s or SD Blackouts. You can see all the available finishes and whatnot by using searching for either of those two models in the searchbar in the top right corner at http://rondomusic.com/. If you're switching out the pickups anyway it really comes down to bridge preference, and if you like flatmounts better you'll have no trouble selling the EMGs or Duncans. Sorry if this sounds like an ad, but I am all for Agile. They just feel incredibly smooth for something that costs $800 or less.

Out of the two you mentioned though, each has pros and cons. If you're looking to switch out the pickups, selling the Duncans from the Schecter again wouldn't be hard, but the Ibanez pups would basically be a write off. The Schecter also is full Mahogany, will the Ibanez has a Maple/Walnut neck that would affect tone a bit. The RGD's bridge is more appealing though, as I find flatmounts are generally easier to play for me since the strings, fretboard and body are all parallel. And lastly the fretboard would is pretty much all preference, some people don't like the slipperiness of Ebony, which is really dense and doesn't feel woody at all.

Hope I helped a bit, and good luck with your 7 string endeavours!
My first seven was a used Ibanez Universe. You can probably find one for 1k$ on CL/ebay
OMFG. I love you man. I didn't know that they made Agiles for so cheap! If i buy it from that Rondomusic place, do I have to wait until June to get it? lol
Open your closed mind, close your open mouth.
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Pat pretty much just cleaned up this thread. I second his opinions, and also recommend looking into Agiles; incredible bargain for their 7 string models, really. You pay so much for the name brand in those other companies, but with Agile most of your dollars are actually going into materials. They obviously aren't spending it on add campaigns or flashy web design

Only issue really with buying Agile is that if you're looking for passive pickups and won't buy any of their active pickup models, you're stuck in the same boat as you would be with buying cheaper Ibanez 7's - lackluster stock pickups that you basically can't resell. On the other hand, if you buy an Agile model with actives (non-Agile/Cepheus actives, that is) the resale value of those EMGs and Blackouts is going to be great.
Quote by BrianG47
OMFG. I love you man. I didn't know that they made Agiles for so cheap! If i buy it from that Rondomusic place, do I have to wait until June to get it? lol

Only if you custom order. Their inventory is basically grab-bag: it's different from day to day/week to week based on model popularity. So, if they've got it on their website, you can buy it outright. If you want something that's not there, you have to order it, or wait around until it "pops up" in their inventory.

Or you can do what I do: I just email Kurt whenever I'm wondering what's going to be available in the near future. He's a great guy and is quick with responding to your questions.