wich one should i buy? i looked into all reviews on the internet... still i cant choose
and if you have a suggestion for a better 300-700$ guitar please tell me.
i like to play metallica
I like the classics so I'd take the Explorer, but you may want to go and try out each one before buying either.
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I like the classics so I'd take the Explorer, but you may want to go and try out each one before buying either.

well i cant try em out... no stores sell these guitar where i live and i can only get them on the internet
I literally played the 84' reissue just today when i went on a guitar spree

Decent guitar. The neck was a tad sticky and it wasn't set up right, but that's the shop's fault. The Prophecy series are better imo.

The 360 is a decent guitar however.
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You like Metallica, so either kh-202 or explorer. But what amp do you use?
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Every FX I've played has sounded nicer and felt better than the EX's for some reason. I don't know why, maybe I was just unlucky, but if you dig the look of the FX check that out IMO. The EX is nice though for its price, I've scored an EX (it was a 351 model) as low as 170$ on Ebay in decent condition. For some reason they are inexpensive as hell, so I say go for it. But I'd go for the EX-400 which you can only find used. The 360 doesn't have grover tuners or the earvana nut, because the company has cheaped out on newer LTD's (2007 and earlier are generally better).

I'm sure Offworld will come in here and also tell you to go for an older LTD

-Btw I've played the Epiphone 84 Explorer and honestly I even liked the FX-260 and EX-50 better than it. Maybe it's just me but Epiphones always feel a bit rougher and less smooth than LTD counterparts. I have not played the KH202 but judging by specs you'd be better off with either of the other two.
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You could look into esp H series. H 351 NT is also around the same range as ex 360 and KH202 but has 24 frets and emgs.