I'm looking to buy a new guitar amp
2 amps I looked at:
Fender hotrod deluxe III
Fender Deluxe VM

what is the difference between them ?
since these are tube amps, is there any problem playing them with low volume levels ?
i havent played them personlly but i can tell you that theres no problem with playing them at low volumes

the only problem is that they sound better turned up but at low volumes they will still sound good
I have the HRD, but its a Version 2 I believe.
It sounds fine at bedroom volume. But make sure you realize the drive channel is pretty meh....
Unless you like it.
to get more drive out of a hrd, plug the guitar into the low input, and put an overdrive, such as an OCD in the effects loop with the pedal volume down. This will allow more drive to be used, without too much volume.

using the treble boost, and more mids can help also
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I only played the HRD out of those two, and it was pretty good. Good cleans, and if you turn it LOUD the drive gets good (when quiet, it kinda sucks), but that can be fixed with a pedal.

Yes I still need to find that magic pedal that fits my needs.
I suggest this all the time: MXR Badass.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GxVge0E59x8&feature=related (VERY annoying but mildly attractive girl)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJ4LxNO_CY4&feature=related (through a HRD III!)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5KunOA87zI0&feature=related (through a Deville... similar-ish, probably best quality)
can anyone reccomed, at the same price level of these Fenders, a good amp for rock (foo fighters, alter bridge, metallica, guns n' roses .. etc..)
VOX, Laney ?
Or maybe the Fenders are the best ?
For those styles Fender would not be my choice at all. Totally wrong amp for the job.
Look for a used Marshall JCM800 2204 or a JCM2000 DSL50.
Laney wouldn't be a bad choice for the job either - a GH or VH would be best but some of their others would do the job well; just stay away from any Laney that isn't a proper tube amp.
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