Whats up dudes, just wanted to throw a couple of general amp shipping questions out there and see what you thought.

First of all, should I take the tubes out of the amp when shipping? I've sent a head once before, and I THINK I did this.

Also, this amp has a reverb tank...will that all be cool when being shipped and clanging around and everything?

Any info appreciated, peace!
I think it'd be good to take the tubes out. It could be difficult to replace them if one shatters or breaks and there's no glass to grip onto, with only the base left.

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Just wrap in at least 2" bubble wrap and protect the corners. No need to take the tubes out or worry about the tank.
Might be a good idea to take the tubes out and secure them. I've gotten an amp with them in before though.
Reverb tank would be more of a hassle.

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If you're taking out the tubes, label them, specifically if the amp is not self-biasing. The main reason, I think, for removing the tubes is to prevent the amp from getting plugged and played before the receiver ensures that the tubes are snug in their sockets. Sometimes a loose tube can pop a fuse.
As someone who's shipped a combo amp internationally, I took out my tubes and placed them in a cardboard box beside the speaker, wrapped in generous amounts of newspaper.

I'm not really sure that's necessary, though. You could just wrap the head in a nice amount of bubble wrap, and make sure the tubes are cushioned.
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