hey, so i'm thinking of getting a new guitar, through saving up or maybe asking for christmas. i've been playing for a few years, i'm not a beginner, but i'm not an intermediate player either, i'd say i'm inbetween, leaning more to the latter.

so right now, i have a starcaster by fender, and im looking to replace it and get a better guitar, but im not looking to spend over $500, as i don't have a job but i have a few im thinking of buying, can you guys give your opinions on them and suggest one of them, or a similar one? if it matters i like to play punk and metal. thanks


Epiphone LP-100

the local price for both is around $250
what's your amp?

willing to go used?


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if you aren't wanting to spend more than 500, then you still have, in my opinion, a wide variety of good guitars. The standard Fenders (strat, tele, jag) where I live cost 500 at Long and McQuade, and epiphone offers a good amount of guitars a little or around 500 which can make do.

But, what style of music do you play, thats very important to know
i've got a practice amp, i think it sounds good, but maybe it's because im used to it xD and im near toronto, and live around 25 minutes away from newmarket, where theres a store called the arts on eagle st.

and i like to play alot of subgenres of rock, punk and metal, some of my fav stuff to play is afi, dimmu borgir, mayhem, misfits, 69 eyes, in flames, at the gates, rancid, black flag, death, municipal waste, blink 182, foo fighters, minor threat, nirvana smashing pumpkins, iron maiden. and a bunch of metal/deathcore songs like suicide silence, veil of maya,
neither one of those guitars is really going to offer any improvement over what you already have.

these are all available at The Arts in Newmarket:
Epiphone G-400
PRS SE singlecut
Schecter c1 standard

if you can get yourself to long and mcquade, check out:
Jackson Mark Morton Dominion D2
Fender blacktop series (not the most metal, but very decent guitars)
Godin redline HB
also, im thinking of buying a distortion pedal too. i currently have the zoom gfx-1 effects box, which is great, but id like to get a distortion pedal so i can use the effects box for second effect like chorus since distortion is what i mainly use. i was thinking of the boss ds-1 pedal, do you think that would be good for anything from punk to extreme metal, or should i get something else?