I have always asked myself this question, and there probably is another post about it somewhere in the archives of UG, but I wanted to make a new one just to always be able to come back to it everytime I have a question about this topic.

I hope for no fighting about wood types and what sucks, and try not to bash on different woods and people here, because you wouldn't want to be treated that way, would you?

ANYWAYS, going back to my topic, I would like to know what combination of fretboard wood and body wood is best suited for (example) my style of progressive/alternative rock, infused with some jazz and latin rhythms, plus a side of hard rock and metal?

I also have questions like:

- What style of music is (specific wood) better suited for?

- What tonal qualities does (specific kind of wood) have?

- What is the difference between the three main types of fretboard woods? (ebony, rosewood, and maple, for those who didn't already know)

And those are just examples, and maybe we could even discuss stuff like:

- Basswood and why it's scrutinized

- Ebony necks chipping

And many others...
I'll start it off with asking this question. If I wanted to make a guitar out of scratch, what wood would be the best and cheapest I can find around my area? (Mississauga, GTA, Ontario, Canada)

And I wanted to discuss something happening in my area, about an asian emerald ash borer infestation which has infested all the ash trees in my area and around the GTA, and the drastic decisions Toronto is taking on solving the problem (chopping every ash tree down where it is supposedly infected). It made me start to think what the consequences will be, and if ash body built guitars will become extremely cheap due to the influx of mass amounts of ash trees, many of which i believe will be healthy enough and not have enough holes in it to make bodies of guitars and w/e other use ash is used for.
Probably best asking about it in this thread,


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Hey, that sounds neat - the influx of 'diseased' wood. There is potential for some interesting colouring.
Probably best asking about it in this thread,


Thanks for the links guys, appreciate it (:
But well, I still wanna discuss the ash trees in my area, I jsut wonder what a 300 or 200 dollar ash tele from fender would sound like, having already been chambered by the emerald ash borer :P