Hey all,

I have a USA made Squier Stratocaster, all original. These were only made for less than a year between '89 and '90. I'm assuming this a an '89 model due to the E-9 serial number (E has always stood for 80s, and the next digit usually stood for the year, although there has been some confusion especially with the MIJ E series strats. There seems to be a lot of mystery concerning these American made Squiers and the parts used with them. From what I've gathered, the story is that there was a fire in the Fender Mexico plant and construction was temporarily shifted to the USA plant. These Squiers have different parts varying from guitar to guitar, which is why I think there's some mixed reviews, and why they seem to be so underrated. Some people think they aren't anything special, and some people agree that they rival American and Japanese Fender Strats easily. Personally, I've owned a Japanese Strat, a Japanese Squier, an American Strat, and a Mexico Strat; This guy holds his own with them any day of the week, and blows the mexican strat out of the water. I prefer it to all of them except the American and Japan Fenders.
The neck on this strat is phenomenal, a thick and deep C shape. Although some people think the pickups in some of these are weak, this Squier sounds awesome. Classic Strat tone and great tonal depth. I brought this guitar to my tech recently where he dressed the frets on the upper register to allow for easier bending, and also did a complete set up. He was very impressed with the pickups and the guitar overall, so I know it's not just my imagination. He also advised me to hold onto it for as long as I can, because these are bound to increase in value especially considering they were only made for less than a year in the U.S., but I'm looking to fund the purchase of a couple guitars, so I'm selling a few of my current ones. There's only three very small blemishes on the outer edge of the pickguard, and one very tiny one on the bass side horn. Also, the pickguard has some pick wear. It's really in great condition, and a VERY excellent player. I don't have the back cover, or the trem arm, but both of those are cheap replacements.


Let me know if you have any questions. I'm asking $400 shipped. Paypal only please unless you're in the Chicagoland area then cash in hand is awesome. Email at:
skateboarderth @ sbcglobal. net (no spaces)