my favourite,


etc. all the way up the neck
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Steve Morse picking exercise.
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I generally just do that kind of pattern randomly all over the neck. BR00TAL SW33PZ

I can't do 6 string sweeps anywhere near as fast as i can sweep 3-5s unfortunately so i don't do them yet ):

Lately i also like:


Sweeps in general i think are awesome for warming up.
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Well i usually mix my warm up routine with my scale practicing. So that is 10 min warming up with legato through as many keys as possible, then continue with 10 min alt picking through the remaining keys. By then i usually have gone through all the 12 keys and im warmed up in both left and right hand.
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Usually I just stretch out a bit and then spend 45 minutes or so improvising over a drum track or backing track. That's usually enough of a warm up. As for favorite licks for warming up, I really like the following:

etc. up to the 15th fret or so.

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Like the first dude but I do it like this:
E:1234----------- ------------------------------------------------5432346
continue that down the neck.
Also a Joe Satriani warm up:
e ----

also down the neck
The best one I've tried are the 1234 and their permutations and also..... John Petrucci's Rock Discipline warmup.... that one is awesome. Great stretches, independence exercises, great right hand warmup that works through all the strings with different note values, and and really good synchronisation section. It takes about 10-15 minutes to complete the Left, Right and Sync sections so you're really ready to crack on afterwards.
I use this:

Back and forth with only alternate picking.
lol what the hell is with all these ridiculous shapes that you will never play in a musical context.

Am i the only one who warms up while playing something that belongs to a key and at least sounds musical? Like some 3 notes per string, 3 notes on one string and 1 on the next, played in sextuplets and 16th triplets (obviously at a slow tempo at first). Then some string skipping here and there and thats all. Doesnt take longer than 15 minutes and doesnt bore me to death.
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lol what the hell is with all these ridiculous shapes that you will never play in a musical context.

Am i the only one who warms up while playing something that belongs to a key and at least sounds musical? Like some 3 notes per string, 3 notes on one string and 1 on the next, played in sextuplets and 16th triplets (obviously at a slow tempo at first). Then some string skipping here and there and thats all. Doesnt take longer than 15 minutes and doesnt bore me to death.

The point of warm ups isn't really to play something that sounds good. If you want to incorporate a style it certainly wouldn't hurt practicing the styles scales for a warm up.
Similar to the 1234 thing everyone does, but a little bit different:

All alternate picked
Going up and down the neck, increasing by one fret each time, ascending and descending.
Just to clarify, those are 1s, 2s, 3s, and 4s...not things in the teens

Also, some generic sweeps
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I usually start out with a Postmortem/Raining Blood medley (Slayer). That usually gets me ready for the fast stuff.
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Play some scales on 3rd, 4ths, 5ths, up 3 back 1, 4 in a line, in triads, pick each note twice.

Just pick a couple each day.

Trills with every finger combo, including tapping fingers.

Paul Gilbert's infamous 4 notes triplets picking deeley.
I play chromatic runs and varying scale sequences at a very slow speed (60bpm) for eight notes until my fingers warm up a bit and then gradually increase.
I take about ten to fifteen minutes to warm up, about twenty mins in the winter.
My favorite warmup is something I've started doing very recently and is possibly a bit unconventional, I don't know...

I warm up each hand separately, so for my right hand I just play sextuplets at increasing tempos for a while on the low E string. This seems to get my picking in order just fine and gets me attuned to the feel of the low E string.

To warm up my left hand, I don't do anything too intense.. I just focus really closely on my finger independence and try to apply as little pressure as possible, then maybe do some spider exercises. It's pretty much like Freepower's guide on finger independence.

Anyway, the reason I like doing that for my left hand is because it helps me feel out how much pressure I should be applying to the strings, and ensures that I don't tense up my left hand pretty much for the rest of the practice session.

I still do a bit of warmup to get the blood flowing, but to me the above steps are the most important things. I guess you could say it's more of a calibration than a warmup.
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I generally have one for each of my favourite techniques.

Sweep Picking


That repeated, then I do Chromatics up the neck before doing;



Using all four fingers. I find this to really good for warmups, as I'm ready for anything I fancy doing.
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Am i the only one who warms up while playing something that belongs to a key and at least sounds musical? Like some 3 notes per string, 3 notes on one string and 1 on the next, played in sextuplets and 16th triplets (obviously at a slow tempo at first). Then some string skipping here and there and thats all. Doesnt take longer than 15 minutes and doesnt bore me to death.

Nope, I do a bunch of 3 nps stuff as well - I save most of the 12342341 stuff for actually working on my picking technique.

I'll usually play around a bunch of 3 nps scales with some open strings and chromatics tossed in to vary the fingering and picking, then I'll do that chord change exercise that people have shown (the one Petrucci and Satch use) and probably do arpeggios of all sorts up and down the neck.
The one I like best is this;

I use the 3 fingerings found in the 3 note per string diatonic scales...

1. ----1--2--4-- use your 1st, 2nd, and 4th fingers

2. ----1--3--4-- use your 1st, 3rd, and 4th fingers

3. ----1--3--5-- use your 1st, 2nd (or 3rd, depending on what's most comfortable for you), and 4th fingers.

I'll typically do something like this (for this example, I'll use the 1st fingering)


Go up and back down. I'll practice it by picking & legato with a metronome. I'll do it on different string sets, mix up the order of notes, stretch the fingering, etc.
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