hey, thanks for looking, so heres my problem...

I have an Epiphone Les Paul PlusTop Pro F/X, it's got the Floyd Rose, the locking nut, it's pretty good. But the other day I broke my D string, not really sure how, and I finally found a replacement string, but I can't put it on because I lost 1 of 2 allen keys, and the one I lost unlocks the nut.... I tried using my own allen keys, but goddamn Epiphone got smart and made it smaller than my smallest allen key... and I'm stuck, this is my only playable guitar and now its f***ed, and i don't have any money to take it to the shop with, what could I do to unlock the nut, I'll take any suggestions you have


- I have a locking nut
- broke a string
- lost the allen key to unlock nut
- to poor to take it to shop
- tried using my own allen keys, didnt work
- I NEED a way to unlock the nut
- Please help
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Buy the right size allen key. Go down to Guitar Center, or wherever you are's equivalent and buy something like this: http://www.guitarcenter.com/CruzTOOLS-Groove-Tech-Guitar-Bass-10-in-1-Multi-Tool-106553126-i1441827.gc (MAY NOT BE THE RIGHT ONE). That's what I had to do after losing 5 or 6 allen keys.
There are two types of allen key wrench sets - American and metric. Most guitar allen keys that I've come across are metric. You probably just have the wrong set laying around. Go buy a metric set. It should cost you about $5 at your local hardware store.
you want a 3mm key.

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I bought a ring of hex keys that I've been using for a while now from the $.99 store. There are like 15 different sizes on it, and I've not been able to find anything on a guitar that one of them couldn't fix.
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