I've just gotten into the Bluesy style of music after having experience with metal. I'm very interested in Jimmy Hendrix and have no problems playing his songs but am having trouble getting some of the variations. Whats the one at 0:27?? its a sliding chord but which one?

Well, here it is Sunday morning, so I thought I'd sign on for my first blasphemy of the day. The chord progression for the whole song is VI-IV-V. It's usually written in Am. The chords would be Am-F-G.

IMHO, Hendrix version of "All Along the Watchtower" is a bit slanted toward being mostly noise. Dave Mason does a beautiful, much more melodic cover of this tune in Em. (Em, C, D).

Sorry, I don't really know what voicing of the chord Mr. Hendrix is using at the time stamp you indicated.

I should also mention that I enjoy quite a bit of country music. That probably means my opinion wouldn't count.