this song is going to have lyrics, my band wants a female voice singing over the first verse, like slowdive, and there will be black metal vocals over the metal part like alcest, the ending was supposed to have two synths that dance around but i guess il add them in later when we do vocals. but yeah i like this version. the ending is also gonna have a solo, i worked on it today and i think il have better ideas later. there are also going to be layered vocals everywhere like a choir.

Edit: omg I'm so retarded my signature has a link and the song is titled space gnome.
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Drums are super meh. Guitars are frickin spectacular though.

synths are cool too! but that crash cymbal makes the entire mix sound like crap.

EDIT: also, clean vocals over the whole thing would sound better, imo, but its your song.
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Don't hate on my drumming hahaha thanks, I was thinking powerpuff girls drums like coalter of the deeper so when it changes it being heavy the drums can stay the same. But yeah drums don't pick up well on my rockband Mic, and iv only been drumming for since almost a year.
Have you heard the new cynic ep? I was thinking vocals like that mixed with slowdive.