Hello guys,

I recently bought an electric guitar (played acoustic guitars for about 8 years) and I need some help setting up a studying studio for me.

The thing is, I can't play with amps since the apartment I live doesn't allow me to, so I have to play with headphones.

I currently have my guitar (Telecaster Squier Standard), a BOSS ME-25 multi-effects pedal and a pair of cheap headphones ($15 headphones that hurt my ear and "crack" on almost every high note I play). I plug the BOSS ME-25 with USB to my Mac (Garageband) and hear what I play trough the headphone.

Now, which equipments should I buy to improve my studying ? The sound quality I am getting isn't really the best (not only the poor headphones, but using the BOSS ME-25 as Audio Interface doesn't seem to be that good).

My current budget, as of today, is $350. So, to start off, which equipments should I buy to improve my studying studio ? Audio Interface ? Headphones ? Analogic Pedals ? Pickups ? Racks ?

Thanks for the help and any model recommendation for any product will help me a lot

Current equipment: BOSS-ME 25 (as pedals and Audio Interface), cheap headphones ($15), Squier Standard Telecaster.

Which equipments should I buy to improve my sound quality ? New headphones ? Audio Interface ? Analogic Pedals ? Pickups ? Racks ?
Well, I am kind of new to the recording electric guitar stuff myself. however, I did hear about the Peavy Vypyr Series Amps and Heads. They are modeling ams with midi input on the back. The front has 2 different types of 1/8" outputs and a usb output. The real kicker here is you can emulate several pedals, several amps, and several rack effects. The lower end models only have the amps and rack effects. All models also have delay and reverb. The delay and reverb are passable but not the best. I love my 15 amp, it is a low end so I don't have the pedal effects or USB, but the 1/8" outputs are crystal clear. The head units are equally equipped and are damn good. you can save up to 12 preset setups, and expand that greatly with the pedals that you can get for it. There are 2 types of pedals. The low end pedal (Sanpera I) just has a few toe switches and an expression pedal. The high end pedal (Sanpera II) gives you 2 expresion pedals, loads of extra presets, plus a dedicated tap tempo and looper. Both pedals run their power off of the midi port, so yaaa no batteries. Right now American Musical Supply is running a deal where you get a free Sanpera I after rebate on certain models. for your needs I would stay away from the Vypyr 15 and 30 as they are more limited in features. They also have tube versions. hope this helps. And look around for these things, they are descently priced but downright cheap used (my 15Watt was only $45 as GC Used)
What are you trying to achieve, exactly?

I'm guessing that you're looking for a setup that will allow you to learn how to record vocals and guitars?

If that's what you want to learn, you will need to learn about using amp simulators, etc., but you seriously will also need to learn about how to mic up an amp.

That said, I got some pretty decent results with my little Behringer X-V-amp. It was really inexpensive and easy to use.

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