I've been working on rebuilding an old RX170 for a friend of mine. He decided to put high end parts in a low quality guitar, but whatever makes him happy is fine by me.

Here is the result.

This has the following upgrades:
Spertzel Locking Tuners
Graphtec Tusq XL nut
Wilkinson/Gotoh VS-100N Tremolo
Black Box Tremsetter
Lace Sensor Pickups: Deathbucker, Silver, and Blue/Gold Dually
Coil Splitting
Phase Switching
New single piece back plate.

Full details of the project are at my Blog
Ibanez RX170 Project Phase 1

Ibanez RX170 Project Phase 2

I hope you all like it!

A lot of the parts came from Stewart MacDonald and the pickups came from Guitar Center. I got them on a holiday discount.
I see. What do you think of the locking tuners, thinking about putting them in my SA260, For shits and giggles.
The Spertzels have been on there for about 10 years with no issues at all. Some of the best you can get IMO.
sexy guitar not sure how high end parts on a low end body would sound, but hopefully it's good
Surprisingly it sounds phenomenal. I don't see where having the plywood body effects the sound in a bad way at all. His RG470 with basswood body doesn't sound as good as this one.
That looks like an Alumitone in the neck, but I'm not sure what a "deathbucker" is either haha. If it was me I would've put black hardware on it instead of chrome but I'm loving the maple neck/green body combination.
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A Deathbucker is part of the Alumitone line. This isn't my guitar. I had suggested all black hardware but he liked the silver parts. The tuners were already high quality and done in silver so we didn't want to change those out. I like the color scheme too but the finish on this guitar is very fragile. You can see cracks below the knobs when they are removed just from the pressure of pressing them into place.