I use Ubuntu linux, so I need some recording hardware that will work for Linux. I am new to recording, so if I seem ignorant in this post, I am. I'm not quite sure what I'll need.

Here's what I have so far:
1 Ibanez RG370 DX
1 Ibanez SA160QM
Digitech RP7 effects processor
Digitech Death Metal distortion pedal

On my computer back at my parents' house, I have a Mac with Garageband on it, but I can't take it because I left it there for them to use. I was able to plug my guitar into my Mac with a male dubbing cable. But that was back when I didn't know much about guitars, so all my recordings sounded horrible because I wasn't that good.

A friend of mine recommended a Line 6 USB interface, but he doesn't know much about Linux.

So if there are any Linux users here, what do you guys use?

Hopefully all I'll need is a USB interface. I'm reading a faq about this stuff, but so far it hasn't even mentioned Linux.
my friend your problem is linux go windows linux lacks DAWs to choose from
Linux has Ardour, but getting VST's to work on linux is difficult and buggy. Reaper can be patched into working under WINE, but that's even more buggy. It's really better to just get Windows 7 and Reaper, you will pull your hair out trying to get a good mix from any linux DAW.
Yes, I've tried to do it before.
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