I'm sure this has been asked before. I am looking to upgrade pick ups in my ibanez s5ex1 and thinking of Dimarzio pick ups. Which ones are for a variety of music and will improve the stock inf1, infs1, inf2 pick ups? I'm not playing heavy metal or death metal etc. It will be some rock, classic rock, country, contemporary Christian, 80's, 90's etc. I have looked at their website and tried to match up the music type in order to find out which pick up to get and it only gives one choice when I like many different types of music they have listed to choose from. I was thinking of DiMarzio Air Norton in the neck position, DiMarzio True Velvet in the middle and DiMarzio Tone Zone in the bridge

Thx in advance for your input.
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DiMarzio super distortions are excellent rock pickups. all around awesomeness.

i'd look into those.
Just about anything will be an improvement over INFS pickups, lol. Dimarzio has MANY great pickups, but I've found my favorites to be the Air Norton, Steve Special, and Evo 2.
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I just put a Tone Zone Bridge, Area 61 Mid, and Air Norton Middle in one. Sounds great in my opinion. I did put a cap mod on the Tone Zone though because it sounded muddy in the basswood body. Details on the project at are my blog if you want to see the outcome. I'm waiting on the guitar owner to make me some sound samples to put up there too.

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