Has anybody been using the x50 VST from TheSerinaProject? It's supposed to simulate the Peavey 5150/6505 amps. I made this recording to test it, here's a link:


DL for the vst:


Comments on the recording are appreciated. Normally I use EZdrummer and separate the tracks to eq/compress individually, but the vst is not optimized, so I didn't have enough cpu left to do that, so the drums aren't as good as they could be.

Chain for rhythm:
ReaGate->TSE 808->TSE x50->LeCab default impulse-> ModernCompressor->ReaEq

Lead tracks have a reverb and delay added.

Picture shows the x30 on bottom as well.
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Yep, I haven't used my copy of POD Farm Platinum or Peavey ReValver since X50 came out. Sounds great
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