6 outta 10

Your playing sounded good but the tone was very digital. The video was a little grainy but the lighting was horrible in both shots. First to bright, then to dark. Plus I like the track to be loud enough I can hear the vocals and yet still have the guitar come through with great tone.

Your playing seemed right on. I didn't notice any mistakes, I did tho notice the other guitar on the track, is that you or is that part of the song/backing track? Is it a BT or the Original audio?

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So the playing was perfect, but you have me a 6 based on the shots and the dynamics of the track? That makes little sense, but I appreciate your advice nonetheless, I have very precarious filming equipment, I try to make the most out of the audio.
If you were looking for opinions on just the guitar playing then say so. I feel like its the whole package and the way it presents itself on how great the whole video was. There's a harsh glare on the acoustic and when your playing electric its very dark. Less contrast might make the video better to watch. You can control the environment that you use your equipment in, which can make a huge difference on how your video looks. I would have rather seen just one single angle with a wide shot over the way you did it.

Your acoustic sounds like its pluged into either a digital recorder or a usb interface. The acoustic doesn't sound like an acoustic, it sounds more like a simulated acoustic.

Your playing was perfect for all I can tell. If thats what you wanted to hear.

Sorry if you don't like my critique on the video itself, I did enjoy your playing anyhow.
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