You will get used to it, also changing the strings and adjusting the string tension is something worth knowing before having Floyd Rose system. There are some hidden tricks that have been shared troughout the time.

You better look on Youtube to get the information you need about those two Subjects.
For a beginner, yes it can be a pain.

Not saying you can't, if you do your research and you know how it works then you should be able to work with it. But having said that, why do you want one? Divebombs are overrated.
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if you really know that you will use it then maybe it's good, otherwise it's just pain in the ass
I've never had a problem with them, other than it takes five to ten minutes pitting them into other tunings. Plus those kramers (at least the pacer Classic) are fantastic guitars, and the Floyd is a good one.
I think they're a pain in the ass. I don't like straying from standard tuning with them and I don't use the tremolo all that often, so I guess it's kind of my fault. But it's also a longer process to change strings :/
When i really truly started guitar (like really actually got into it) i started out with a esp kirk hammett with a floyd rose. Weather or not your going to use it I think its a pretty good deal, because if you have it eventually you will probably use it. Plus the strings stay tuned pretty well with the locking nut, onlyl other tremelo system i've used is the edge and i'd reccommend the floyd rose over it. Re-stringing is a pain but you get used to it after the first time and you know what to expect. But do your research on which floyd it is on the guitar you buy, if youre gonna end up doing like satriani stuff like me your gonna need to get a better quality one so it snaps back better.. thats my only problem with the floyd rose special I have...
Some positive sides of them that are often forgotten are eg. they keep in tune extremely well when correctly set up and they also benefit to the tone (matter of opinion) and sustain

If you decide to get one, that should help you out.

I advise against it, as I had some trouble with mine. As a beginner the set up time might discourage you from playing and therefore be a hindrance to your learning. If you stick with it though and learn how to set it up properly, and/or get used to the time it takes there will be no problem. I remember whenever I wanted to play and my guitar was out of tune or I snapped a string I was always discouraged because I couldn't be bothered fiddling with the floyd.
Depends on the Kramer. Some of them were non-recessed so the floyd was dive-only. That's what I started with and it helped a lot because you can learn how it works and not have to deal with balancing the spring/string tension.
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Divebombs are overrated.


that being said, they're not rocket science, but they're more bother than a fixed bridge.
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Floyd's arent that difficult, have at it! Messin with the whammy is always fun to do
If you use a little brain power a Floyd Rose bridge is a very simple device. Let it intimidate you and it will make your life a living hell. Like any other machine it takes an understanding of what it is and what it is not to make it work properly.Read up and watch some of the videos on the care and feeding of any floating bridge to determine if you are willing to work with the device.

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Yeah, changing strings is a pain, but you'll also only have to tune it like once a month. If that. Once you get it set up and stretch the strings out, the thing just stays in tune.
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Are you a beginner or experienced?
Based on what I can see, if you do not care about tremolos much, I don't think you should buy one equipped with it. Many things can go wrong with Floyds, mainly in terms of tuning stability, if going into the wrong hands of a guitarist.