does anyone know where i can get something like Phil's flipstick. i cant really make one because i dont have any tools or resources
thanks in advance
That looks like the whammy bar just upside down?
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That looks like the whammy bar just upside down?

it is basically like that, but i think he made his out of something else because that is quite a long bit of metal
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Is it like a floyd that you play with you knee?

the reason he originally made it was because the bar got i his way when it was tight and he couldnt get hold of it when it was loose so thats what he come up with and i guess using it with your knee is an extra
take your whamy bar to a machinest shop or welder, have them cut the old bar and weld a new bar like that one. might cost you $50 max.
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He just made his out of some junk lying around I think. There is a video of him saying how its made. Maybe if you can find that you could figure out how to make one without a whole load of tools. Sorry I don't know which video it is though. Its probably one of the ones with him talking about his gear at a clinic though. Oh and also, floyd whammy bars can't be put in upside down, not OFR's anyway. I tried yesterday for this very same reson haha.
All you need is a piece of rigid metal of approximately the correct size, something to grind it with to get it to the absolute correct diameter on the thread end, and a tap and die set to actually thread the piece so it will screw into place.
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What the f**k..........

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