So everybody has their own routine to get them I the songwriting groove what are yours? For me I like to have a cup of tea or coffee then to try to think of a cool riff and jam off that then write lyrics as I go.
What I do is I just try to write poetry before I go to bed, reflecting on my ideas and feelings of the day.
Random lyric ideas just pop into my head, so I write them down and expand on the one idea to make a whole song. Same thing with instrumental parts.

edit: I add lyrics after, sometimes I make them new for the song, or use ones Ive already written
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I just wait until I'm really, really depressed or angry.
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I like to go somewhere and write in my car. Usually an empty parking lot or the side of a back road that isn't traveled too much. I can't write around other people, I start to freak out
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No pattern for me, I just come up with random ideas (be them lyrics or instrument parts) and write them down

It's been a while since I last wrote lyrics, though D:
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I just write poetry and at band practices we jam out riffs and fit songs together with the poems weve written.
If you're traveling in the North Country Fair
Where the winds hit heavy on the borderline
Remember me to the one who lives there
For she once was a true love of mine
I usually get an idea and but the whole thing out in 10 minutes. If I'm working on something where the length demands more than that, I try to return to the state I was in when the first idea popped into my head.

For example, I wrote a 10 track roughly hour long sci-fi piece, and did the whole thing in my lectures for Soviet Film. I don't know why that class was so conducive to writing for this piece, but 90% of it was completed there.

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