hey UG!!

I just want to identify one of the guitarists of my favorite band's guitar. I have no idea what it is.

They're La Vida Boheme from Caracas, Venezuela. My country and damn they're awesome. Post below if you want their album, it's free

Here's a video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6k1kAe_GPuM

it's the dude on the left.


here's an interview in english. i want to identify the tele of the guy on the left

the video sounds really crappy... they sound awesome live and in their album.. they just toured around the USA

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If you stop the video at exactly 1:05 you can clearly see the brand name (looks like "Segini") but Google's coming up nothing for me. Maybe in your country that's a brand or something but I can't find any info. Hope that helps.
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These guys are awesome! sorry, no idea about the guitar though... if you can find a clear picture of the headstock and then check out the guitars by make you'll probably find it.
It sucks that i've gotta head out, i need to find more by these guys
pause it at 5:05ish and you get a really good look at the headstock, can't really read it myself but maybe you can