Hello Guys, my band and I have been trying to produce our first ever metal album in a pretty home made way. I think that what we recorded is not quite pro, but its still quite decent, but We havent been having good results in terms of mixing and mastering. Here are some samples that we have so far:


Since we are an independent band, we havent got much budget so we are looking for something free or not very expensive, and we are willing to of course credit you in our album. And also, we'd like to know up to what extent or how much better we can get it to sound. So if you are willing to help and have like free time to do this, PM me, or let me know what you think in this thread!

Thank you guys!
it's not that bad actually. i'm afraid to get a professional sound you have to find a professional with pro gear. and they never do things for free.

anyways i can't help you. i hope you find someone who will
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holy s***! I'm listening to the first song on your soundcloud and it's awesome. I don't know that much about mixing and mastering so I can't help you there. But what you have now seems like it's good enough for a demo. You guys should really push to get it out there and you might attract the attention of a record label if that's what you're looking for and they can pay for you to record a final version.
I could mix it for you for a low price. I'm a Dutch recording and mixing engineer. If you send me some multi tracks I could make a quick mix to see if you like it? PM me if you are interested.


Good music!!
Hey I dont know if you still need anyone but I could mix / master it for you. PM me if you're interested. Will be able to work out a deal for you if your budget is low
you guys are on a budget, and i would like the experience. ill do it for FREE and send you the finished copy, but you may also want to have someone do it for you who has a little more experience. ill gladly help. just PM me and we will get it going.
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I know I'm a little late to the party but if you wanna send me the raw session files, I'll send you a mix. I need something to use my Waves Mercury Bundle on. Just PM me a link to like a Rapidshare or something of em.
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I'm probably nowhere near as good as any of the guys who've offered to mix for cash already, but for my own personal amusement/learning I'd love to give it a shot at working on them.

When it comes to mastering though, I've got access to high-end monitors and Waves plug-ins at my uni studios, and I like to think I'm pretty good at it. I'll send a before/after of something Metal I mastered the other day if you're interested.
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I'd be happy to try mix a track for you if you want? PM me and send me the files to a track of your choice and i'll mess around with it. If I get decent results it's yours for free!

If none of the above have worker out for you, PM me :P unlikely as it is!
I'd be interested to have the raw files for one of the songs just to see what sort of level the tracking is at - I have too much going on at the moment to take on anything else (and am on tour with my band for 10 days of December too, as well as producing/engineering our 2012 full-length, both of which are at the top of my priorities for now) but I'd love to see how much of the issues with the mixes on your soundcloud are from mixing and how many are from the tracking/mic placement and the performance.

Maybe upload the stems to one song somewhere and link to it, so several of us can have a go (and I may even be able to do a half-decent mix if I have enough time ) ?
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