I've seen Tim (underoath) and Brian Head Welch taping their strap to the body of their guitar. I thought this was a good idea, because my strap is falling off quite a bit and can't afford straplocks (yes, go ahead and laugh)
So my question is, what kind of tape to use.?
unscrew your strap buttons and put a washer over the strap before putting them back in. But really you can't afford strap locks? You can get a set for less than $20
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I just bought 100 bucks worth of gear( little odds and ends) and straplocks completely slipped my mind haha But it's fixed now
try this http://www.americanmusical.com/Item--i-DUN-7007SI-LIST

i seen these the other day. i use dimarzio clip lock but seen these for just 4dollars so i might get some too check them out...its cheaper then duct tape alot easyer on the guitar and probley looks alot better as well........

I have seen lots of famous people tape there strap to the body of the guitar. why they do it i dont know... i doubt its because of the guitar or bass slipping off the strap. if that was the case the would probley get strap locks im sure the can afford it haha
Step 1. Buy some Grolsch
Step 2. Drink Grolsch
Step 3. Remove rubber gasket thing from bottle
Step 4. Put strap on guitar
Step 5. Put gaskets on current strap buttons

free, if you like grolsch