A few weeks ago I posted a thread about the fact that I was looking for a new amp.
Unfortunately, due to school exams and such, I haven't got the chance to go out and try some stuff. My new car was also a bit more expensive as planned beforehand so that causes a delay.

this delay has put me into some thoughts due to some changes. The guitar which I use is from 1978 and has been taken care of badly by the previous owners. so the hardware became bad. I got it setup and after 2 weeks it needed a new one already due to the old hardware (got it for free second time). it also goes out of tune in about 15-30 minutes of playing. sooo I also start looking for a new guitar.

now I can get an amp (€200-300 range) and a new guitar in around 2 months. or save up for a better amp (€500 range) and stick with this guitar for now (which kinda annoys me as much as the current amp atm).

any suggestions?
If a new guitar will help you want to learn get one. Nothing like a bad guitar to ruin the learning experiance.
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Personally, I'd get a small modelling amp and get a solid beginner guitar. Then just save for gear upgrades.
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how bout getting some new tuners you the guitar stays in tune? not really expensive and would solve a problem. as long as the guitar plays well and sounds decent a hardware fix would be a cheaper solution than buying a guitar now. then you can save for a really good one rather than trying to spread your money thinner to get a guitar and amp.
I wish the tuners were the only problem. if I replace the hardware, I have to replace the tuners, the nut, the bridge and probably also needs refretting. also, not important for the sound but not really happy about it, it has so many dents and scratches on it the tech actually asked me wtf I did with it (I already got it this way). The former owners also tried to restore some deeper dents with a different cream color paint than the color of the guitar
best suggestion is to scour what ever places sell used equipment. your budget won't get you a whole lot but if you are just playing at home then you don't need anything major. maybe a peavey vypyr 30 watt and whatever guitar you can find. wish i could tell you more but i don't have a clear picture of what is available where you live and prices.
If you do the repairs yourself on the guitar you may surprise yourself how cheaply you can fix it. There is some mighty good hardware around that's cheap, Gotoh and GFS come to mind. You can sometimes surprise yourself how bad frets can get before they go beyond dressing and need refretting.
My old '81 Ibanez had the original frets and had my main gigging guitar for many a year (I bought it new) and I thought they were beyond dressing but I was wrong. They were really bad. I just used a fine file and emery boards (professional manicurist boards to be precise) and they come up great.
If you are going to toss it anyway you may as well grab some cheap parts and give it a go.

As for the amp:
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I know about the sticky but didn't include it since I wasn't asking for specific amp recommendations. Already had a thread running before to ask that . (anyways, good that you keep reminding people ).

also how much would it cost to get decent and cheap (for as long that is possible) set of hardware (tuning pegs, bridge (tom style), nut)??

thnx for the replies!
thnx for the link. will check it!,

and for pics, I will try to make them tomorrow if I have time (busy day)