Is it worth spending more on the gold plated cable, or should I just go with the nickel plated ones which are $17? Can you tell a noticeable sound difference?
I have a 20ft Nickel Plated Monster cable, and it's easily the most reliable, buzz-free, user-friendly cable on the planet.

I'll never go back to using generic cables again.

Gold v. Nickel, unless your an audiophile? You'll never know the difference
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Yea I already have 1 gold one, but I just started buying pedals so I need another cable. The gold monster cable works awesome but I don't wanna spend another $30-$40 on another cable. Thanks Brutha
Monster Cables are most definitely not worth it, read up on Google about it if you want. You might wanna buy gold-plated cables but don't buy 'designer' cables.
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Gold plated isn't really all its cracked up to be. Monster cables are not worth it, they are crazily expensive!
Eh, "not worth it" is quite subjective. The warranty on Monster cables is a big selling point. I've had mine for 9 years and it has worked perfectly, but it's great to know that if it craps out it'll get replaced for free.
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a couple of our customers had serious complaints about Monster Cables' reliability on stage. With Monsters costing more than Lava Soar (while sounding the same at best), I don't see a reason why people should buy it.

And surely, it does not even come close in terms of sound to boutique cables like VOVOX or van den Hul. I see a lot of people claiming that, but it just isn't true.
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Eh, "not worth it" is quite subjective. The warranty on Monster cables is a big selling point. I've had mine for 9 years and it has worked perfectly, but it's great to know that if it craps out it'll get replaced for free.

Live Wire has the same warranty for half the price, and Live Wire has the kind of jacks that you can unscrew, so you can fix it yourself if you want to.

/Live Wire user.
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Get a lava magma cable. Has great tone and is under $25.
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The Flaming Lips guitar techs swore me off ever using them ("Pieces of 5hit" he said as he tossed around 20 feet of it into a bin at the side of the stage).

I'd go with Canare instead. It'll make your guitar's tone controls come to life and sound like your lifing a blanket off the amp itself.
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Don't fall for the Monster marketing bullsh*t.

It's a vicious bully of a company that use clever marketing and misinformation to sell overpriced crap to ignorant consumers (see also: Beats Audio).

I recommend boycotting these douchebags.





The only tip I can give you (after several years of heavy gigging) is don't buy cables for 'better sound quality'. Buy them for their durability. Cables die very very fast when you're gigging regularly - we tried buying the high-end Planet Waves cables and they still only lasted 3 or 4 months.

Without a shadow of a doubt the greatest cable i have ever u=owned is this:

£12.99 from Dawsons (UK, no idea for the states sorry), I've used one of these for two-hour gigs three or four times a week for two years and it still works flawlessly. No crackles, no handling noise, no loose jacks.

As for sound quality? I couldn't give a f***, it sounds like a guitar to me.
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Oh, and as for the whole 'it's like lifting a blanket off your speaker' thing...yes, some cables are noticeably brighter and crisper, basically due to low capacitance.

The higher the capacitance, the more treble you lose. Over long cable runs across a big stage this capacitance builds up, making your tone dull. This is where high-end cables come into play.
But if you're playing on normal-sized stages, there's really no need.

PROTIP: You can get the premium 'Monster Cable' sound using a cheapo guitar lead and swapping the volume pots in your guitar (250k to 500k, or 500k to 1M), at a total cost of maybe $5. Enjoy your new 'high end cable' tone.
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Meh. The expensive ones might be okay, I wouldn't worry about gold tips.

The only thing they do is prevent corrosion, gold doesn't do anything unless everything else is gold.

I just use 20 dollar planet wave, 18 foot cables. If they short out, which hasn't happened one in the past 6 months so far, you can get a free replacement.

Aslo +1 any cable that has an unscrewable sleeve, you can fix it yourself really easily.
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i use all monster big buck ones. i won quite a few in competitions at Sam Ash years ago. i have at least twelve 20'ers ten or so speaker cables. i have had one cable fail on me under heavy abuse after seven years. i bought a ton of them off of CL. he posted an add saying he needed money and would sell them for 40% of new (60% less), i bought most of the others from him.

the only reason why i keep buying monster is that literally every shop carries them and will hand you a new one to you in box with no receipt needed. other cable companies do something similar, but monsters are more common, its a convenience thing.
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the only time i consider spending the extra coin on the nice gold plated monster cables is for speaker cables. i just dont think its worth fiddling around with lower quality stuff like that, the gauge is freaking thick!

as for guitar cables dimarzio has won me over. cloth tweed designs and they also got the lifetime warranty. dont let that be a selling point, pretty much everyone is doing it now
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the gold plating is for corrosion resistance only. If you've never had a regular cable get corroded, then there's really no need. You could buy a $5 pack of fine grit sandpaper or steel wool and give the plug a quick wipe a couple times a year if it really concerns you.
Outside of corrosion, for the gold to make a difference the entire conductor would have to be gold. And that would make the cable cost about $3,000.

Come to think of it, I'm surprised monster doesn't sell one.
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Eh, "not worth it" is quite subjective. The warranty on Monster cables is a big selling point. I've had mine for 9 years and it has worked perfectly, but it's great to know that if it craps out it'll get replaced for free.

ever heard the saying 'it's too expensive to buy cheap'??? applies wonderfully to cables.
conventional wisdom has always said use the best cables you can afford. that said, 'best' doesn't mean the most popular brand or the most expensive. it means the best materials with the best construction (mogami, lava, and yes, monster) and if applicable, the best warantee (monster).
...been using monster cables of all sorts for over a decade now. not one has failed me, ever.