Ok so yesterday I was playing and all of a sudden it sounded like as if my amp had a dying battery. So I turned it off and tried playing it again moments later and it works fine but lost quite a bit of gain (not volume).

I bought the amp a week ago

amp: mesa boogie mini rec

Thank you!

PS. I wasn't running through any effects... also I'm not sure whether this could by my guitar pot problem because it crackles and hums.
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Sounds like a tube problem! Swap them out and see if that helps it?
call me ziggy.
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Gain drop = pre-amp tube problem usually. If it was a volume drop problem, that would be the power tubes at fault. Hope this helps.
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Ya i was guessing it was one of the preamp tubes .. but is it more likely to be the v1 or the other ones for this ?
Saw the same thing happen in a brand new Mesa Lonestar. Phase Inverter tube became leaky and caused loss of volume, except for a very faint amount. Try some tube swapping. Chances are, there's one tube you can get by without, such as an effects loop tube. Unless you have spares.