so for music class I've got to compose a song in the style of 50's rock and roll music in the style of a song called: a whiter shade of pale, I think... the thing is no one know the first thing about composing, haha. I thought I would start with laying some drums down( oh and its being down with MIDI instruments, computer program basically). I was just wondering how rock and roll (1950's) drums go? so where to the bass drum goes, snare, high hat etc. for example: if the bass goes one the 1 and the snare goes on the 3, that stuff?

many thanks.

Listening to some 50's rock n roll wouldn't be a bad start,Why don't you look up some youtube vids on it. aswell.Isn't A Whiter Shade Of Pale a late 60's organ driven song?
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yes, but we only have two songs to choose from, 1 a whiter shade of pale, and 2 kylie minogue can't get you outta my and it has to be kind of recreated in rock n roll music. stupid idea I know...
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hmm if you mean this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=miInerRaIts&feature=fvst
then this really does not sound like 50s Rock and Roll

+1... That song didn't even come out till 1967 and Can't Get You Out of My Head came out in 2001...

You mean, you're supposed to do a cover of one of those songs, but make it like 1950's rock?

For 1950's rock, look into stuff from Chuck Berry, Elvis, Buddy Holly, Bill Haley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, etc.
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1950's rock is all about a good shuffle groove. I'm still a bit unsure of what your having to do, is it change one of those 2 songs into the style of 50's rock?
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