I send y Omen 6 to Shecter due to a few(lot of) issues, and i still dont know if i'll have a refund or a new Omen 6. Altough, if i have the refund, i want to explore other types of guitars. So what would be nice all 'round axe to try out for under 320.00$CAD?
Only contrait: it must not be a strat, or strat shaped. And please, nothing with actives pups.
(P.S.:It will be a guiter i'll own probably only until my build is complete.)
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Only contrait: it must not be a strat, or strat shaped.

whats wrong with strats?
and whats a contrait?
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Well, what shapes/brands/neck profile preferences do you have? Without at least that, this thread is just going to be blind shots in the dark, due to just how may guitars exist.
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From all te neck profile i had in hand, the shcecter was my favorite. I really have no preference, when it comes to brand and all, just not ibanez and anything super uber brootz metal. (ESP, B.C.Rich,etc)... Just shoot ideas, and i'll try them out next time im at th store

For the music style, i play mostly rock and metal, but i like to jam some claen randoms chords and bluesy bends some time. so an all round axe, i guess.

Also, i dont know why, but i cant stand bolted necks on any guitar, except teles. it just feel ''wrong'' in my hand.
Les Paul of some kind? I think we're in Epiphone territory here. I have an SG which is a great all round guitar. Suits your requirements.
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The Epi neck is a bit too thin for me
Maybe a Tele of some kind. What are some good teles for 300$ or so?
I believe you can acquire a used Fender Blacktop Tele for around $300. Those have the same pickups as my jaguar and they can handle everything from Velvet underground to Kyuss. The pickups can handle bluesy stuff pretty well too. I would go with that.
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