Anyone who has ever been amazed, astonished, enchanted, musicified by the genius of mister Keith Jarrett is welcome in this thread to share his or her (or its) experiences.
Also, anyone who hasn't done/been these things before but who would like to, you are welcome in this thread.

I personally admire his lyrical style, his phrasing, the way one can just undergo the feelings in his improvisations.
I advise ANY music fan to listen to his Koln concert, there's a good version in 2 parts on youtube in HD.
Also, I'd like to suggest a listen to Michel Petrucciani, who has a comparable style.
And I want to encourage any attempts to put this wonderful piano music into transcriptions for either jazz or classical guitar.

(please excuse my over-enthousiasm)

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He's a great pianist, but he's kind of a dick at times when he voices his often-strong opinions about electric and electronic instruments. He apparently loathed playing the Rhodes in Miles' band.
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he's a dickhead. but I respect him. the only album of his I have is the duo with Charlie Haden from a few years back.
I actually don't know much about him as a person, maybe I should check that out :p
A very strange personality ,but probably the best pianist in the last 30 years.His improvisation is a huge inspiration for me .Check out the Koln concert.