Does anyone know some tips/tricks/methods to play bass and sing backing vocals at the same time?
well, what kind of music are you playing? if you're just following along with the guitar, it's really easy. just be very comfortable with the song on bass, and then start whispering/mumbling lyrics, then then start raising your voice.
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gotta just get to a point where your just makin the sounds come out without thinkin about it. for both singing and bass, seperately. then you should just naturally be able to fit em together. practice em seperate and together
There's a tonne of threads on this so you may want to give a search. But what it comes down to is practice, plain and simple.
Usually you don't want a very complex bassline, you should be able to play your bass line almost without thinking about it. Once you can do that you may sing over it. And yes, practice and search for the heaps of threads there have been about this already
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I play bass and lead vocals in my band. Our vocalist went back to Bahrain and I had to take over. Before I did backing and it was all about getting the timing down. Practice, practice, practice was all that it took. It takes work but you'll eventually get it down.
I do the same. ^ I've never really had a problem with it, but then I'm still a relatively new player so my bass lines aren't terribly complicated yet. +1 to practice though.
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