So here I go in a cheap (Chinese) guitar shop looking for cheap guitar strings
And I was looking into some guitar cases.. when I saw a strat in one of them.
I looked it closely, the logo had outer black color and kind of gray innards color
similar to this but the innards was filled with color too. Everything else was the same as on this picture except for that hole for the truss rod adjustment. It wasn't rosewood, or something different than the headstock. It was the same as the headstock.
I didn't look what was written on the tuners neigher on the back where the body and neck are joint..
It had the 50th anniversary MIA sticker on the pickguard.

And the prise was $330.

Squier Bullet is $185 here - thomann says $135

So it's a copy right?.. I'll go again and ask if they know what's the body and neck made off...
yeah no USA made fender goes for $350 new, thats just stupid.
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Not at all! But the headstock interested me, too bad I didn't check the tuners, the output jack and some more details.
cheap and chinese in the same sentence should tell you all you need to know.