Just curious; how far can the Pit Monkeys bar a fret with one finger (assumedly, your index)?

I see a lot of tabs depicting chords like these:


The thing is, I can only bar three strings cleanly; at four, I tend to get a little bit of buzzing. Then again, I'm playing on a 12-string acoustic, which has a little further spacing than most guitars, and, due to being an acoustic, requires more pressure when fretting. It also doesn't really help that guitar isn't my primary instrument... or even secondary.

So, I was just curious; how many frets can you typically bar?
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Yes, I can play bar cords. They aren't hard to do.

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All 6...

It's 'barre' anyway.
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5 (I have trouble with bottom E, damn my stubby fingers) I usually just use my thumb so I can get all 6.
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It takes time to learn how to barre properly. After a lot of practice, I'm able to do all six easily.
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