Alright so I'm getting a new guitar, and since I like classic rock, rock, and the thick les paul sound, I've decided to get an Epiphone Les Paul (I can't afford a Gibson). The only problem is, I can't decide between two guitars; the Les Paul Standard Plus Top or the Les Paul Traditional Pro.

The Les Paul Traditional Pro is supposed to have better electronics (although it is still Epiphone electronics) and it has a full mahogany body. It also has push/pull coil splitting and an Epiphone probucker-3 (which I'm guessing is nowhere near as good as the Gibson versions). However, it doesn't have a maple top, which not only makes it look worse, but I'm pretty sure it changes the tonal qualities of the guitar (correct me if I'm wrong).

The Les Paul Standard Plus Top has standard Epiphone electronics, the main difference between this and the Traditional's electronics being the probucker and the push/pull coil splitting. However, I was eventually going to change out all the electronics and the pickups in this guitar anyway. The Plus Top also has a maple top, which really is what makes a Les Paul look awesome in my opinion, which, again correct me if I'm wrong, will give it a more bright sound and more versatility. I'm not sure whether or not this guitar has a chambered body, as MF says it has a full mahogany body, but I've heard otherwise.

TL;DR here are links to each guitar with the pros and cons listed below:
Epiphone Les Paul Traditional Pro: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/epiphone-les-paul-traditional-pro-electric-guitar
Non Chambered body
"Better" Electronics
Push Pull Coil Splitting

No maple cap
Not as good looking/ not as many colors

Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Top: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/epiphone-les-paul-standard-plus-top-electric-guitar/518341
Chambered Body?
Flamed Maple Top
Looks Sexy
Easier to customize/better starting point

Non Chambered Body?
No Coil Splitting
Not as good electronics

Thanks in advance for helping me decide! Also, could someone clarify on how the Traditional's electronics are better and whether or not the Plus Top has a chambered body?
Pretty sure the Plus Top doesn't have a chambered body. Personally, I'd search for a '90s LP Standard in Ebony. They tend to be better made than the new ones and go for hardly anything. I had two, both cost less than £150 it. One was a '97 and the other a '96.
Go play both and see which you like more.
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