I've got into the habit of playing with a Kennedy half dollar instead of a pick, it gives the strings a better tone, but will it damage the strings? Does anyone else play with something unusual like this? Thanks.
Uh...can you actually pick well with that thing? I can't imagine it would be easy to alternate pick or transition up and down strings with that. If you like the way it sounds, a metal or copper pick should give you the same bright sound. And yeah, just like a metal pick does, using the half dollar a lot will tear the strings up. Just change them about once every month or two, and you should be fine.
Mine always gets stuck to the pickups
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Sometimes I fold up some paper and use that to pick if I want a muted tone. But that gets little bits of paper everywhere, so I don't do it often.
It does do more damage to the strings than a normal pick, but the damage isn't huge so I wouldn't really worry. The only difference between it and a normal pick is the material it's made out of, and obviously metal on metal will do more damage than plastic on metal.
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Alright thanks guys, and I've never heard of playing with paper before? Lol

Well, Guthrie sticks a rizzler under his strings to raise them if he wants to play a bit of slide!

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