Hello all I know I have been posting a lot lately about different guitars. I think I found the two finalists. I'm either going to pick the Taylor 410CE or Martin DC16GTE. Now they seem very similar I'll post there similarities down below as well as there differences. Now I'm wondering what one is the better acoustic. I'll be playing with it on stage as well as recording and jamming with it.

Both have :
glossy spruce top
simple dot inlay
standard chrome tuners
white binding
hardshell case
lack of "bling"


Taylor has the ES
Martin has the Aura

Back and sides:
Taylor - Ovankgol
Martin - Rosewood

I'm sure there is more differences then that but thats all I could find.
neither is the better acoustic - they're both good quality well-made guitars. imo they only seem similar on paper, however; in person, they don't sound all that similar. have you played these two guitars?
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Your definitely going to have to actually play them yourself to decide sound wise. cuz thats what it boils down two. Martins and Taylors are on complete opposite ends of the spectrum in my experience. if you want a darker tone its the martin. if you want the brighter jangly tone the taylor is your best bet(though the taylors do have a very even tone the bass is just as nice as the highs. they are versatile).
in my experiences taylors have a much better quality control than martins. your gonna have to find a martin twice the price of a taylor for the quality to mach
As it's been said, you're going to need to play both of them to really understand what you're getting into.

Personally, I'm a fan of the Martin. Although I'll just admit to a bit of a bias, as I usually find myself liking Martin over Taylor almost all the time in similar price ranges. I prefer the tone of Martin a bit more for the music that I play. I tend enjoy the feel of a Martin a bit more as well.
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No I haven't had the chance to play them yet. I plan on going to Guitar Center tomorrow and trying them out.
None of the Guitar Centers near me have either of the guitars. What do you guys suggest.
are there other guitar stores in your area?

your options otherwise are to either look for them used to try and possibly buy, to listen to a bunch of us on forums who may or may not have the same taste as you do, to consider other guitars or to buy from a store with a long return/exchange policy. both guitar center and musicians friend have nice long trial periods, so as long as you keep the guitar in mint shape, you have a month or more to try and send back, as long as you don't mind paying the shipping.

me, i prefer martin dreads to taylor dreads most of the time, and i almost always prefer rosewood to ovangkol if everything is equal - although it rarely is - but you may feel totally differently.
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From what I've been hearing, the Taylor's are designed to cut through a mix, more so than the Martins. The Martins aren't quite as "in your face".

I'd add that two guitars having the same type of dot inlays is a fairly frivolous and insignificant point of comparison. Ditto for the tuners, especially at this price point.
I'm buying a Taylor 400 series sometime, I preferred it over the Martin, but that's just me.
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I could always change out the tuners to better ones. Also for music I'll be playing mainly rock on it and maybe some blues.
hmmm... i tend to lean toward taylors, although it is a very tough choice. the dc16 is a very nice rich sounding guitar. i play alot of A7X and shinedown type stuff but my taylor doesn't like it much, so i use my mid and deep bowl ovations... they love the "abuse" that green day gives 'em.