I'm looking into investing in a multi effects processor.I can't decide between-
-Line 6 M9 Stompbox modeler
-Line 6 Pod HD 300
Digitech RP 500
I want something that I could use for recording into garageband, and in a live setting.

I really like the Line 6 M9 because, it seems simple to use, and I like the fact that effects are organized so that only one effect from each section can be on at once, and you don't have to do a pedal tap dance to switch between a clean and a distortion, to switch one on and the other off, in a song. Also, if you make adjustments to presets they automatically save themselves. Do I need another audio interface to record into my mac since this doesn't have one?

The Line 6 Pod HD 300 seems more complicated with bank switching. Does anyone know if the HD 300 has the same function as a M9 in that if you turn one effect on the other goes off, eliminating the tap dance? I like that it comes with an expression pedal, and has a USB connection.

I had a Digitech RP 55 before, but wasn't really fond of their setup.

I would really appreciate it if I could get some input on this. My main concern is being able to switch effects in the middle of a song with just the stomp of a switch, and direct recording.
I have a Pod HD300 and I personally love it. I can't tell exactly what you're asking but heres the jist of switching patches.

Theres 32 banks, each bank contains 4 patches. The first thing I do is turn off all the cabinet and amp sim which is easy (Theres an FX only button).

Theres three main modes. Stompbox switching, Patch switching, and Looper. I don't use the looper but it works fine. What you're interested in is the other two.

In stompbox mode you can switch the different effects pedals on and off like the M9 I believe? (I've never used an M9). EX., turning off the chorus pedal, dist pedal, etc.

In patch mode you switch between the 4 patches in any bank. So you can have all 4 effects change at once. A verse patch, solo patch, chorus patch, intro patch, whatever.

The only thing is that you have to click the save button before you switch, but I don't see it as a big deal. I feel like the Pod might be harder to setup then the M9 but once you get used to it I don't think it'll be a big deal.


What I love about the Pod is the Wah's and especailly the pitch glide. It's more versatile then a whammy (You can choose the mix and harmonies and other stuff) but it sounds the same. The wah's all sound great. Everything sounds fine going into the front end of my Blackstar Stage60; doesn't color the sound at all..
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well, the cool thing about the HD300 is it has all of the effects of the m9. as well as great amp models for recording. and you can record straight from the HD300 with usb. I believe it has the switching on off option you mentioned...but im not positive.
but for a recording situation i would definitely recomend the HD300. you'll also get more peramiter controlls with the expression pedal.