Bear with me i dont know much about pedals...

So im looking to buy a delay pedal and right now im considering either the Boss DD3 or DD7

I saw demos of both on youtube and it seems like the DD7 has loads more features
But the DD3 was a lot simpler to use

I like the DD3 cause its so much more simple. Id want the DD7 more, but it seems a lot more complicated and hard to use. is it still worth it? it also seems like id be able to get a simple delay sound better with a DD3. True or False?

Also would i be able to plug my wah in to the tap tempo input where an expression pedal normally goes on a DD7? -Ive seen the demos and its a really cool sound with an expression pedal but i dont have one!

And how do you actually turn the DD7 off? is it just a one click? or do you have to old it down ( cause holding it down seems like a nuisance)

And are there any other delay pedals you would recommend?

I listen to stuff from the Red hot chili Peppers to U2 so i want a pretty versatile delay pedal that can add that extra bit of awesome in my solos, but can still deliver a heavy enough delay for me to play pretty much anything U2.

Thanks guys