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Listen people

Saw the old woman with the spray on her face
And the kids getting hit while they stand in place
I pledge allegiance to the police state
Nothing but a sad disgrace

What they got's not a lot
Just pepper spray and rubber shot
Falling down to the ground
Better hope the folk don't make a sound

Up is down
Wrong is right
No solution
Occupy the fight
Nothing to see here. Move along.
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As far as ineloquent political pieces go, this isnt the worst.
However, the clumsy rhyming and lack of real content (beyond the general feeling of "booo. Governmentz") make this into just another amble down the same old half assed politically tinged road that so many others have been down, only this is less informative and impassioned. It feels hollow.
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usually the best punk/protest lyrics sound like they would fit in a normal conversation about the government between you and a buddy with conflicting views. go for that.
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I've got my own song on occupy, not exactly sure if i'll upload it. Your's pretty much takes the cake
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