I was originally looking into purchasing a Line 6 M9 stompbox modeler because I liked that only one effect from each of the three sections could be on at once, and if you switched between the two the other one would just go off, (eliminating the pedal tap dance.) It can't direct record, but I would just get a separate audio interface for that.
I'm also considering a Zoom G7.1ut because of the added ability to direct record into garageband, my only question is does the G7 also have that switching ability, where if I go from one effect to a second, the first one would automatically go off?
I can't answer your question about the G7.1UT, but from my experience with the M13 and other Zoom products, the Line 6 has much higher quality effects. If direct recording is a concern, go for a POD HD, instead. Why you'd want to record effects direct is beyond me, but it will sound much better with the HD (which has the same effects as the M series), since you'll also have amp modeling.
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